Topic: Alphatrack issues

D'Star wrote:

I'm having 2 problems with my Alphatrack.....

1) Although its supposed to enable me to use all buttons on tracks selected i.e. if on track 2, control 2, if on 16 then control 16.

Regardless to what track I select, it only applies to Audio Track 2 !!! Why is that?

2) When I touch the slider or the touch sensitive knobs, the display goes berserk.

Please help.


CS:Hello D'Star,

What application are you using it with?
Desktop or laptop computer?

The slider/display goes berserk symptom sounds like either a general poor grounding issue, or you're using Logic with the default Apple plug-in, which doesn't work properly. If the latter, then you should download the Logic plug-in update from our website and replace the Apple version.

Let us know and we'll be glad to help.


D'Star wrote:


Thank you for your reply. However, while waiting for your reply I managed to resolve the problem.

Within the Logic Control Surface set up, there is an option for track. Do not misunderstand that his option and tick it "lock". The Alpha will lock and only work with the channel it was selected on when option of "lock" was selected. Make sure it is always left "unticked".