Topic: LINK lights on but no go

Diamond wrote:

I have not used my Tranaport for a couple of weeks. When I went to use it both green/link lights on the unit and the USB interface were lit, but I got nothing on the unit screen(blank except when I hit battery check it shows the batt level-batteries are new) and it is not able to control anything in ProTools as it has in the past. Any trouble shooting pointers would be greatly appreciated. Also, recently we installed a whole bunch of lighting around the house and needed to flip power switches on and off...could that have effected the unit?

CS:Hello Diamond,

If you are seeing the link LEDs light up then I would suspect that your TranzPort is fine and maybe the problem is just a setting in ProTools or the TranzPort mode setting. It would be correct for the display to be blank if anything has changed there.

First, open the Tranzport taskbar icon (PC, or TranzPort Manager (Mac) and confirm that it is set to "ProTools (HUI)" mode.

Next,open ProTools and go to the Setup/Periferals/Midi Controllers panel and confirm that your settings are still correct. For the TranzPort you should have 'Type' set to HUI, and both 'Send To' and 'Receive From' set to Frontier TranzPort.

That's really all there is to it.
Let us know if you are still having any trouble.