Topic: Reprograming the knobs and function keys?

I would like to have mz special set of knobs >

Pan, FX send and master fader  - can i arrange them - i don´t want to have to  push a button  or shift , just be able to grap the  knobs withouth thinking..

Also how do i program the function kezs so f5 for example selects the scissor tool in logic 8?


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Re: Reprograming the knobs and function keys?

Hello Seb,

Sorry, there isn't an easy way of reprogramming the AlphaTrack in Logic. However if you are familiar with using the Logic Controller Assignments panel you are welcome to take a shot at it. Unfortunately the Controller Assignments is a bit intimidating for most folks.

If you try and end up wishing you were back to the original settings just go to Logic/Preferences/Control Surfaces and select "Rebuild Defaults".

Good Luck,