Topic: Remove "pop" from track

Wow, after 5+ hrs of trying to install alpha track to my Macbook Pro it's actually working!!!
THANKS to "googling" my problems and at various sites from other forums/chats I was able to understand the process...
I really didn't want to return this unit.
I've played with it for about an hour and have the BASICS down...sort of.
***My question is how to remove a "pop" and possible hot glitches using the alpha track?  I was told at GC it could be done very easily on the alpha track....any suggestions?

Thanks All!

Re: Remove "pop" from track

Hi takastone,

I don't think you'll be able to do this with the AlphaTrack.  I don't even think you can do this in GarageBand anyway.  And if you can't do it in the program, you won't be able to do it with the AlphaTrack.  I may be wrong but if you've already recorded a track and you clipped somewhere I'm not aware of a way in GarageBand to correct this short of re-recording the track with a lower recording level or with 'automatic level control' selected.

With the AlphaTrack you can access the parameters of the effects and change them, control eq parameters, adjust track levels, pans, record, mute, solo, etc.