Topic: loss of functions in Cubase 5.1

My Alphatrack hast suddenly lost some functions in Cubase 5.1 under Windows XP. 1. The touchstrip is not working any longer.
2. The Alphatrack is no longer following when I select different tracks with my mouse, e.g. when I change with my mous from track 1 to 4, Alphatrack remains in track 1.

I have changed USB-cable, uninstalled and re-installed latest drivers.

Any solution?

Re: loss of functions in Cubase 5.1

I am also having this issue & it is causing my cubase to crash as the alphatrack freezes & stops working. I originally had it plugged into a hub so I unplugged it from there & plugged it straight into my PC the problem persisted & for some wierd reason caused the external harddrive that was in the USB nest to it to stop working?? As soon as I unplugged the alphatrack the harddrive started working again!!! I believe myself & aventoe are not the only ones experiencing this with Cubase 5. Please help us