Topic: Alphatrack with Melodyne Studio

Melodyne has options for Generic Controller, Mackie Control, Logic Control and Radikal SAC Control in the MIDI remote Control preferences section. 

Using Alphatrack hardware there is limited control of the Audio Mixer in Melodyne Studio on my PowerPC Mac with OS X(10.4.11) and using the AlphaTrack's Manager option of 'Soundtrack Pro (MCU)'  and selecting Mackie Control as Melodyne's MIDI Remote Control  preference. 

Further selection of Mackie Control as the desired controller and the 'Frontier Design Alphatrack' driver chosen within Melodyne's MIDI in and out port options ensures communication.

A Melodyne Studio arrangement containing 8 tracks can be controlled using AT's :
   Track (previous & next buttons),
   Flip (for Master fader),
   Pan (right encoder knob),
All these AT controls work as expected on the Melodyne Studio 'Mixer' so that Track names, Fader position, Pan position, Mute, Solo and Record status are updated on the Alphatrack LCD and interact with Melodyne's Mixer window.   

   Transport buttons partially work, FFWD and REW are the exception.
   Ribbon Controller has control over scrubbing the track backwards and
   forwards in the 'Arrange' window.
   Left and Centre encoders provide '<-Tr-> and <--> symbols on the 
   LCD but have no apparent observable influence on Melodyne.

Function keys F1 through F8 can be user programmed and selected within Melodyne Studio.

Unfortunately The Alphatrack FFWD and REW buttons have no apparent function and using the Alphatrack Shift key sometimes contributes to a lack of sync so that Alphatrack provides a blank LCD display, this behavior is not one where a causal pattern has yet been identified.

One way of resyncing Alphatrack with Melodyne without closing or losing edited material is to deactivate and then reselect the Alphatrack driver in Melodyne's Mackie Control setup.

I have noted issues occur if using more than 8 Melodyne tracks.    In particular cycling from track 1 through to track 16 in a 16 track Mixer window loops back to track 9 when advancing using the Track next button. No amount of 'Track previous' actions rectify this behaviour.

Other track selection issues using the 'Soundtrack Pro' template relate to Melodyne's "Arrange" window not being mirrored in Melodyne's "Mixer" window and vice versa which is contrary to that of the actions with Mute, Solo, and Record buttons. 

Considering the above, until a reliable Alphatrack/Melodyne driver is created the Melodyne software can be controlled in a restrictive manner provided that syncing tracks between the 'Arrange' window and the 'Mixer' is not critical to your method of working.

Now if only a generic MCU editor could be created between Alphatrack hardware and the software host. (See next post.)