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Im using my Alpha Tack on Mac oSX 10.5.6 with Cubase 4.5.2

When moving the knobs especially when panning I have to turn the knobs several times.its impossible to sweep the panning left and right in one stroke this applies to any functions that use the there anyway to change this behaviour as it is awfull to use wth this stepped operation.


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Hello Redroom,

The encoder resolution as it is now is the standard setting determined by the Steinberg control spec. Some apps allow for course/fine adjustment and some do not. I am not sure if we can alter Cubase/Nuendo behavior on our end or not, but I will make a note to look at it before our next plug-in update.


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Thx for the reply

The actual Physical knob has steps though so surely this has an effect on sweeping.Its worth noting I have an early Alphatrack with plastics encoder knobs.

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ive asked for this more than a year ago. for me this is not understandable why frontier doesnt care about that.

i bought the alphatrack to be able to do filter sweeps and eq sweeps. but its not useable!!!!!!!!!!!!! right now im very angry to see that nothing happens and that frontiers states the same they did over a year ago.

the alphatrack could be so much more if the resolution for the knobs would be lower!!! in every review, in every forum you will hear this as one of the main complains, but no one here cares about that.


thank you


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