Topic: Plug-in mode operation (PT8, OSX 10.6.4)

Hi there,

My AT works great in PT Mix mode (though it would be nice not to have PT highlight 8 channels at a time in the Mix window)

However... there's some wonky operation in plug-in mode.  When I load up a plug-in like SSL's DrumStrip (a wrapped VST plug-in), the AT seems unable to differentiate between on-off switches and continuous adjustments.  It just assigns the first parameter to the middle button push toggle (even if it's a gain knob adjustment), and the second to the right rotary controller (even if it's a bypass toggle).

Is there anything I can do here to make this work?  I bought my AT mainly to use with plug-ins like this one.


Re: Plug-in mode operation (PT8, OSX 10.6.4)

Hi TommyN,

Unfortunately in ProTools we're limited to emulation of a HUI so there's no way around the highlighting the 8 channels in the mix mode in ProTools.

Same applies for recognizing and adjusting plug-ins. If it's acting this way on the AlphaTrack I tend to think it acts the same way on other HUI devices. I don't have Duende or DrumStrip so I can't test it here but can you let me know if this happens on any other plug-ins for example, the built in plug-ins in Protools?  If so, give me a specific example and I'll check into it.


Re: Plug-in mode operation (PT8, OSX 10.6.4)

OK, thanks CN.  I will follow up with SSL.