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The problem with a great product that never seems to wear out or lose it's usefulness is that it doesn't generate any income after the initial purchase.

I've had my Dakota card for a long time.  I've bought two Tangos and my Sierra used. 

I wouldn't  consider it unreasonable to pay for driver updates for Win 7 64 in particular or and other improvements to the product that may be achievable via software means.

The only weakness in the Dakota product (for me) is the limited number of real time monitoring outputs that can be configured via the Daktray applet.  I don't know if that is hardware limited or software limited.  Either way, a remedy has value to me and I'd be willing to pay for it.

Would this be something that could be considered?

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They are still making motherboards that support PCI slots and the latest and greatest processors, so I'd also be willing to pay for driver updates to keep my Dakota/Montana around a while longer.

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Dave Modisette wrote:

I wouldn't  consider it unreasonable to pay for driver updates for Win 7 64 in particular or and other improvements to the product that may be achievable via software means.

I would also pay for driver updates to the Dakota/Montana. It's been such a great device for me.

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I have 2 Dakotas (1 with a Montana), and a Wavecenter PCI card.  I would also gladly pay for Win 7 support.  As I understand it from contacts in the Cakewalk SONAR forum, the Vista drivers (even for 64-bit) do not have to be too substantially changed.  Several people are using the Dakota and Dakota/Montana with SONAR under Win 7.  I'm sure if this thread were titled with Windows 7 in the title and more widely broadcast, Frontier would see just how much of their legacy is still being used out there.  I doubt that anybody who currently has a Dakota or a Wavecenter PCI would not pay for Win 7 support.

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If the only other option is to buy a new card with Windows 7 support, then I would also (reluctantly) pay to keep my Wavecenter/PCI card supported. It does everything I need it to, except function problem free in Windows 7...

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The Windows 7 updates have taken the back burner the past several months but recently there has been an effort to get this going.  Still no promises but there has been some progress.  The blue screen issue appears to be taken care of but there remains a 24-Bit WDM problem that we would like to take care of before an official driver release. 


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hey guys,

just to add to the post that i would also pay to have proper windows 7 64-bit drivers to work.


(currently i have to dual boot between windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit just to record analog audio for my dakota/tango24)

I tried looking for other gear including m-audio but was still disappointed with it's functions.

Please support windows 7 drivers 64-bit.  (i'll pay for support subscriptions yearly)

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Hi mattlok,

We're doing what we can to make this happen but what I don't understand is how you can get the Dakota to work in 32-Bit Windows 7 but not in 64-Bit Windows 7.  Can you explain exactly what works in one version (32-Bit) and what doesn't work in the other version (64-Bit)? 

If you used the Dakota's 32-Bit Vista drivers for Windows 7 32-Bit and can get it to work did you make sure to use the Dakota's 64-Bit Vista drivers for your 64-Bit version of Windows 7?

I guess what I'm getting at is if you can get the 32 bit version to work then you should be able to get the 64-bit version to work.


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hey cs,

sorry for the delay... been too busy...

here is something i wrote to mosspa, maybe this will shed some light.


Hi Mosspa,

Thanks for the response.

I had to read your post a few times over and tried to draw a diagram to understand your setup.

I appreciate the efforts on the feedback.

Correct me if i am wrong, it sounds like you are moving audio around between systems via ADAT for multitracking which i am not familiar with.

But if i understand this correctly, moving audio via ADAT is not the same is recording analog audio direclty to (LINE IN 1 and 2) on the tango24/dakota.  If you are moving audio around via ADAT then you are really just using the lightpipe to move the data around and not doing direct analog recording from an analog source such as a turntable via DJ mixing board.  Also bouncing audio from your soundboard such as Yamaha o1v to your ADAT recording using dakota as a smtpe sync is also not the same as direct audio recording.

i only use one computer system to produce house music.

- dakota connected to 2 x tango24 --> output channel B7 & B8 --> goes to my yamaha o1v - 1/4" analog channel 15/16 ----> yamaha o1v monitor output ---> sony amp via yamaha NS10 near field monitors

- technics SL-1200 mkII ---> connect to Pioneer DJM-500 (4 channel DJ mixer) output ----> tango24 (input A1 & A2)

- the yamaha o1v is only used to listen thru my NS10
- i use soundforge to record audio samples from vinyl
- i use sony acid 7 pro to do all the production/arrangement internal will no out-board gear or mixdown (with some acceptions to my filter factory)

therefore all the audio is done internally. even the mdi is dumped down to audio format. 

again everything seems to work accept for recording any analog recodings thru the tango24.

gotta run, but will comeback to finish off...

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Hey CS,

My thought were exactly the same.

If it works on Windows 7 32-bit, then it should work on windows 7 64-bit!

And again, everything so far works accept for recording from analog source through the tango24 1/4" inputs using the dakota card.

Also to add into the mix, i have not gotten any one to verfiy the analog recording through their tango24  1/4" inputs using the dakota to work using any 64-bit windows version.

I know the other guy mosspa mentioned ADAT and do audio transfers but that's not recording through the analog 1/4" on the tango24.

I know this is probably a driver issue because again it works fine in Windows 7 32-bit.



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For whatever it is worth!

I'm a very happy owner of a Dakota and Wavecenter PCI Card

with two Tango 24 units and I would be very happy to pay for

Windows 7 32/64 bit driver support.  Paying for the upgrade

is the least we can do to support such a great company.

Frontier Design's Legacy Support has always been outstanding

and I am very excited to see that they are working on this

problem.  I've been wanting to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit

system but haven't for the singular reason that it won't

support my Frontier Design equipment.  If, (as it seems), the

drivers are updated, I will be changing over from Vista to

Windows 7 immediately.

Thank You for your excellent support!


P.S. Will you be notifying us when you have the drivers?

Or should we check here periodically?  Thanks

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Hi David,

I have created a folder in my inbox for customers who have emailed us about Windows 7 support for our line of cards. When I get any news (hopefully good news) I will reply to everyone who has contacted us via email with a reply.  I will also try and respond to each post on the forum with any news on the subject.


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Is there any word on the Windows 7 x64 drivers, or even beta drivers.

I can even leave a computer for you guys to remote (via Logmein) into for testing.  The remote session will include sound and you can ftp the audio files to yourself.

let me know.



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I'd just like to add my hope (as well as a willingness to pay) for a Win 7 driver for Dakota to this forum.  It's been an awesome and well-used product for me since 2001 as well as the 2 Tango 24s and Sierra that accompany it.  I too would hate to be forced into purchasing other hardware in order to upgrade to Win 7.

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I am contemplating the BLA (Black Lion Audio) modification  to my 2 Tango 24s.   It's not a huge investment (approx $300 for the standard mod and $415 for premium) but it is significant enough that, if I do decide to make it, I want some assurance that functional & reliable Win 7 drivers for Dakota will eventually be available.   

Is there a Frontier Design contact and/or moderator to this board who might be able to give me said assurance?

- Any problems out there with Dakota in the most-recent motherboards?  Mine is circa 2005 so upgrading very soon.  Would like this to coincide with my Win 7 upgrade.
- Is Dakota still available for sale?  I want to have second computer as my mix-down with Analogue summing in between.  Separation desired due to different sampling for recording & mix (24bit/48 vs 16/44.1)

Thanks much.

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Johnny Algoma wrote:

I'd just like to add my hope (as well as a willingness to pay) for a Win 7 driver for Dakota to this forum.  It's been an awesome and well-used product for me since 2001 as well as the 2 Tango 24s and Sierra that accompany it.  I too would hate to be forced into purchasing other hardware in order to upgrade to Win 7.

Please count me in as well - I'd love to go Windows 7 and keep using my Dakota. I'd pay for it too. Please notify us all when it's available. THanks!

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to Frontier Design:
I don't want to beat this topic to death but I just had a thought... Perhaps you could consider making the Dakota driver open-source.   Maybe then, developers such as the gentleman who developed asio4all for instance, could take a stab at it.

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I'd like to add myself to the list of those willing to pay for a Dakota Windows 7 driver. My Dakota has worked flawlessly for many years now. I need to move to Windows 7 soon, but I don't want to pay $400 or more for a Windows 7 compatible alternative to Dakota. I've been waiting for it, but can't wait much longer. If I could get a clue as to when I can expect a windows 7 driver to become available, I could wait for it a little longer. I would really like to stick with the Dakota.


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Hello, has anyone tried the 32-bit Win7 beta driver and care to comment?

"BETA Dakota 32-Bit Windows 7 Drivers
v3.16 2010-12-10 - 586KB
NOTE: This is a BETA Windows 7 driver. This driver should fix issues related to blue screening on shutdown on Windows 7 machines but there still may be other issues including possible problems recording in 24-Bit WDM."

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The latest drivers are working for Windows 64bit, but I needed to know how to route the In/Outs of my Audio Interface (Zulu/Tango24 + Dakota) - Used in Reason - and I cannot route to hear my Inputs in the monitor that is assigned to B1-B2 going to Master L/R Out.

But I cannot my Vocal (Line INs routed to Channel 5 L/R on mixer), how can I route or what be the assignments from Audio IN to Outs and if evt. someone has cable setups as well, many thanks to whoever has this information or if anyone is using Reason or Record with a Dakota/Tango audio setup.

Let me know
- Frank

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I made the switch to Windows 7 x64 and have installed the corresponding beta driver for Dakota. It works well for 16 bit recording, but any attempt to record at 24 bits produces a blast of ugly noise. My A/D converters operate at 24 bits, so I'd like to be able to record at that resolution. 24 bit recording worked fine under Windows XP and the XP driver, but I'm not going back to that. Since I can still record at 16 bits, this isn't a show stopper, but it's a thorn in my side. I know there was a warning about possible problems with 24 bit recording, and I suppose that's it. If this gets fixed, I'd like to know about it right away.

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hey wegguy,

How did you get your 16-bit audio to work?  Is it coming from an analog source?

Even with the beta drivers, i cannot get any of my analog recordings to work.

When i record in window 7 (x64) i get this weird digital noise of the track i am recording.

However, in windows 7 (x86) it works no problem.

Am i missing something hear?

i even tried different systesm (dell precision 690, 490, dell dimension e520, white box with MSI motherboard, ASUS motherboard, intel processors, AMD processors) it all gives me the same results.

I hate to revert back to Windows 7 (x86) because my Adobe Premiere only works on x64 and i use the dakota to record.  I am using Soundforge 10 to record my analog (vinyl) from my pioneer djm-500 mixing board. 

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated to get at least my 16-bit analog recording to work in windows 7 x64

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The 16 bit recording worked fine as soon as I backed off from the 24 bit settings that I had been using with XP. I record through a Mackie 8-bus mixer feeding 8 analog channels into a Behringer ADA8000 8 channel A/D-D/A converter that operates at 24 bits. The ADA sends 8 digital channels via ADAT lightpipe to Dakota. Dakota also sends 8 digital channels to the ADA, which is how the ADA gets its sync. Sonar 8.5 is running the show on my PC which has an Intel i7 processor.

Some of these things may be obvious, but: make sure you have the Windows 7 x64 Dakota driver, and that all your hardware and software settings are compatible. Get all posible user's manuals, troubleshooting guides, forum posts, etc. that apply to your hardware and software, and dig through them for clues. There are a large number of settings, some of which are hidden, that can screw things up.

It's very easy to miss the one tweak out of 20 that fixes the problem, and unfortunately I don't know what that would be in your case. With some persistent sleuthing you should be able to nail it eventually.

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Hey wegguy,

thanks for the tip and now i realize why a lot of people missed out and the explaination of the the recording not working.

As you have mentioned the you use the ADAT function via lightpipe.

Which you have confirmed works.

I am using analog 1/4 plugs from my DJ mixer output to 1/4" input of my tango24.


App: Soundforge 10.0c
OS: Windows 7 (X64) Ultimate
Soundcard: Dakota with 2 x Tango24

In any audio application audio device setting i get 4 selections
1) Microsoft Sound Mapper

2) Windows Classic Wave Driver (WDM I presume)

3) Asio Dakota (16)

4) Asio Dakota (24)


When Using the following here are the results

1) Microsoft Sound Mapper [not applicable]

2) Windows Classic Wave Driver (WDM I presume) [AUDIO PLAYBACK - WORKS ----- AUDIO RECORDING - FAILS]




It seems like most users here on the board uses ADAT mode  which is Asio Dakota (16) or (32) ---------- which is why the complaints are a bit minimal when it comes to recording.

I have used Windows Classic Wave Driver (WDM I presume) mode from the first day i bought my Dakota which has made my setup easier.

100% Windows Classic Wave Driver (WDM I presume) fails on recording using Windows 7 (x64) drivers and any x64 OS.

Confirmed, your Dakota control panel works on boot up and no longer crashes.


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CORRECTION on ASIO (24) windows 7 (x64)

When using 1/4" analog plugs -- input to tango 24


(ASIO is using ADAT mode)