Topic: I Love My AlphaTrack!!!

cryophonic wrote:

Just wanted to say that, after nearly a year of owning my AlphaTrack and using it on an almost daily basis, I still think it's one of the most reliable, well-thought-out, and cost-effective pieces of gear in my studio.  I recommend it to everyone whenever I get the chance.  I'm especially appreciative of my AT after spending the last two evenings trying unsuccessfully to get my new Novation ReMOTE Zero SL to work.  I just keep thinking to myself, why can't everything be as hassle-free and just work right out of the box as advertised like my AlphaTrack?  If Frontier Designs would develop something like the ReMOTE specifically for controlling soft synths, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Thanks FDG and keep up the good work!

CS:Thanks, and, You are welcome!   (now remind me where to send the check?  ;)

That's what its all about.



dalong wrote:

Well, Cryophonic, I must say that I have exactly the same feeling....... I have an Axiom 25, bought with the intention of controlling part of my Cubase Studio 4 and my soft synths.... and it has been such a hassle, things are coming out but so slowly, manual is a laugh and invariably every 5 minutes I look at my AT while sighing and thinking "Why the hell can't it be as simple and crystal clear as the AT".... and a word to Frontier design...... man, great product, simple, cheap, effective, super great technical support (you don't hide when there is a problem)..... and another thing..... YOU ARE WASTING A BIG CHANCE TO MAKE BIG BUCKS.......... suggestion: go into the MIDI controller market (as a start).... YOU HAVE IT WIDE OPEN TO TAKE IT BY STORM, just waiting for you to come out with one, just 1 simple and effective MIDI controller..... if you ever get a MIDI controller out with knobs, faders (motorized preferably), buttons..... I will buy it instantly, without searching in forums nor websites nor magazines nor other's opinions..... so, I'll do something I don't usually do .......please, formally I am begging you while kneeling on nails, CONSIDER IT !!!

I am sorry to have sounded such a big AK, but that shows the distance between you guys and the rest of the field.... as well as the level of frustration with other products

Cheers and keep it up