Topic: Using the digital mixer edirol m-10 dx with the wavecenter. Plz help

rustystrings wrote:

I've just bought the mixer yesterday and I cannot get it to work them together. I've read both manuals and can't find a solution. I think that I have to slave the mixer to the wavecenter to use it for playback but  I don't know how (never had a digital mixer before :p). And in case I set both devices for playback , do I have to to make changes every time I have to record a vocal track for example? Can I monitor a track from the pc and record a vocal line into at the same time? Please explain me wih details (newbie here :p). Thanx in advance.

CS:Hello Rusty,

I can find very little detailed information on the M10-DX on line however it appears that this mixer has digital output only, and no digital input. Furthermore, the digital output is 2-channel SPDIF only, in either coax or optical form. This means that you can use it a 2-channel input device to the Wavecenter, but it can not directly receive audio coming back from the Wavecenter. In this case the mixer is always going to be the clock master.

Here are the basic steps to syncing up your Wavecenter to the mixer.
1. Connect either a coax or optical cable from the mixer to the Wavecenter Input.
2. Set the mixer to either 44.1 or 48khz sampling rate.
3. Open the Wavecenter control panel and select the clock source as Dig-In SPDIF. In the  pull-down menu on the right side (below the "Channels In Use") select Coax or Optical to match the connection you use.
4. The 3 boxes below Signal, FMT, and SLIP should all turn green to indicate that it is receiving a good signal.
5. configure your computer recording software to receive input from the Wavecenter S1:2 (SPDIF channels 1&2).

Those are the basics. Check with your software instructions for details on setting that up. For output you will have to either use another D>A converter, or use the computers built-in audio if it has it.