Topic: Can you use AT and TranzPort together in Cubase SX 3?

dougb415 wrote:

We already have the TranzPort which is being used in the vocal room, and I'm considering the AT for use in the control room. Do these two play nicely together?

CS:Hello Doug,

You bet. Because each device has its own native control plug-in, and thus identity within Cubase, they can operate in parallel seemlessly. Just don't blame us if the singer in the booth starts messing with your head by changing your mix! :D


animix wrote:

Both of them will work with the Steinberg Houston as well.......IOW, you can have all three working simultaneously.

I use an Alphatrack (tethered to a couple of 5 meter USB repeaters) and a Trannzport in my tracking area and a Houston in the CR.