Topic: alphatrack in cubase - a question

achintya wrote:


I have had to re-install Alphatrack in Windows Vista and it shows up in the task bar running in Native mode.

When I open Cubase, it shows up as a Midi Device and can be activated.  But it is not working at all when I open a track.  Not lights, no volume bar movements, nothing, just the blue light but no readings in it, so I guess it is not working?

I notice it is not appearing in any of the plug-in lists and seem to remember when I first successfully installed Alphatrack that it was listed as a plug-in?

Should an Alphatrack plugin be listed?

I notice it exists as a plug-in in the cubase4/components menu, but not within Cubase itself?

Any suggestions?


strinxx wrote:

Hi achintya!

It seems you didn't add AT to your devices list...
Go to "devices", "configure devices" and click on that plus icon, at the upper left corner.
Then choose AT as new device, choose AT also as midi-IN and OUT and everything should be fine!

Have fun with it!

achintya wrote:

hi there

yes, that was it...

many thanks for your help