Topic: Tranzport Footswitch

I am using Tranzport with Live (8.2).  I would like to assign the footswitch to Live functions (either the FS-6 or FS-5U).  However neither one shows any MIDI signal coming into live (the Tranzport works fine with live).

How do I enable the footswitch and assign it to Tranzport/Live..

Thanks, Chuck

Update: I discovered a couple of undocumented features....

1. You have to use a TS (not TRS) connector.  I.e., the FS-5U will work, the FS-6 will not.
2. You can only assign one midi function. (Live is a real PITA, because you can't emulate the Spacebar via MIDI.  You can with a transcriber footswitch, but there is a pause while the software waits to see if you're going to hit is again - you can remove it by software, but it is something to be aware of....)

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