Topic: Level control acting weird in SONAR 6PE

JeremyD wrote:

I'm getting some strange behavior on my shiny new Tranzport when I try to adjust channel levels.  I can adjust the level of a channel, but when I switch to a different channel and try to adjust it, the level jumps to where I left the previous one.  For example:

Say track 1 is set to -10.0db, and track 2 is set to 0.0db.  With track 1 selected, I can adjust the level up and down normally, so I change it to -6.0db.  Now if I scroll over to track 2 and try to turn it up one notch, the level of track 2 jumps to -5.7db, rather than 0.3db as I would expect.  I can keep rotating the knob and eventually get it there, but I have to make a note of what the original volume was before I start adjusting it.

It's like it remembers the last adjusted value regardless of the fact it was from a different track.  I haven't confirmed yet if this happens when changing levels on busses or if the pan function acts this way as well.

Here are the specs on my system:
Dell E1705 laptop (Intel CoreDuo proc, 2GB RAM)
SONAR 6 Producer Edition (v6.2.1 update)
Tranzport drivers v1.4.1 (Tranzport icon appears in system tray)
Mackie Control Universal Pro (Tranzport is listed first in SONAR Control Surface config)

I haven't tried the 1.4.4 beta drivers yet, but I may do so.  All other functions seem to work fine, though I haven't used the punch or loop features yet.  Any ideas?



CS:Hello Jeremy,

very strange indeed, and something that it should not do with the drivers you have installed. I doubt very much that the problem is actually on the TranzPort end of things. That is not trying to pass the buck, its just because of the way Sonar and TranzPort interact. TranzPort is just a 'dumb' controller and doesn't retain any information about values in Sonar. Something on Sonar's end is transposing the fader values when the track change is made. So what could it be?

Well, I would begin by going back to Sonar's Control Surface setup and deleting the TranzPort entry altogether. Then relaunch Sonar and add it right back in again. Sometimes Sonar's settings get corrupted and cause weird problems.

If that doesn't do it try deleting Sonar's aud.ini and ttsseq.ini preference files and relaunching Sonar. You may have to reset your basic audio/midi settings but it will build new prefs files.

Let us know how you make out.


JeremyD wrote:

Well, the good news is that it's working great now -- I'm just not sure what I did.  I went through the MIDI and Control Surface config windows a few times (removing and re-adding items), so maybe that straightened it out.  I believe there were a few reboots involved as well.

Thanks for your explanation of how the Tranzport and Sonar interact -- very interesting.

I'll keep an eye out for future weirdness, but for the time being it seems fine.  I'm already enjoying the advantages of being wireless, so I'm sure it's going to get plenty of use.

Thanks again!  Time to go make music now...