Topic: Not working on Mac Nuendo 5

I used Alphatrack perfectly with Nuendo 4 on my Mac Pro, now with Nuendo 5 it doesn´t work.
I already put the dungle in the components folder as I had in Nuendo 4 but nothing.
Does anyone knows how to fix this?

Re: Not working on Mac Nuendo 5

I even download the new plugin (AlphaTrackCN_OSX_v1.0.7.) andd nothing. It appears in the midi devices, but does not work at all. The display is clear

Re: Not working on Mac Nuendo 5

Hi nefferson,

Did you make sure to configure the AlphaTrack in Nuendo?  After you add the AlphaTrack as a remote device, click on 'AlphaTrack' under remote devices (in the device setup window) and on the top right should be two dropdown boxes: 'midi in' and 'midi out'.  Both of these should be set to "AlphaTrack" for it to work properly.