Topic: Mixcraft 5 and WaveRT drivers work for WC-PCI Too!!!

I cross posted this so that Wavecenter people would see it as well.  I tried this with a computer that has a WC-PCI and it works just as well as the Dakota in Win 7

Last night I loaded Mixcraft 5 onto my main Win 7 64 DAW computer.  That computer has an RMP HDSP 9652 and an RME Fireface 800 (I usually configure the HDSP for ASIO and the Fireface for WDM).  Anyway, after I got Mixcraft 5 installed I noticed that it was defaulting to selecting a random channel pair from the HDSP as the default record and playback sources.  Everybody knows that RME has no WaveRT drivers so I thought it wouldn't work.  I tried it, and surprise, surprise, it worked!  The latencies were respectable, <4ms when playing a softsynth.  So, befuddled, I thought, maybe this is a solution for getting multi-track audio accross the studio from my DAW to my multimedia computer that has a Dakota interface (which has been rendered dormant since I upgraded from Vista to Win 7).

So, I installed Mixcraft on the Video computer and sure enough it found the Dakota ADAT ports (as well as the S/PDIF).  I configured Mixcraft for recording 16 simultaneous audio tracks and I set SONAR to play 16 channels that I sent via my APACHEs to the Dakota.  This worked flawlessly.  I then played a stereo track (Mixcraft can only output to 2 channels at any one time) from the multimedia computer, through the Front L&R of the DAW surround monitor setup.  It worked that way, also.

So, the point of this is not that everybody should drop their $800 DAW software and run out and buy Mixcraft (about $69), but that all of our old Frontier Design legacy stuff may be made obsolescence free if the DAW people start vigorously supporting WaveRT.  I mean, if Mixcraft can do this, so should any other audio software that costs 10x as much.

Also, if you handle audio the way I do, using Mixcraft may provide a solution to using your legacy Frontier Design cards in Win 7.

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