Topic: Remove Dakota Drivers in Win 7

Hey All...

I installed a Dakota card in a Win 7 machine but ended up using it in another CPU instead.   Now I installed a Motu 424/2408  (needed the analog).   

Anyway, this computer is having issues and I want to make 100% sure all of the Dakota drivers are off the machine.    What are the drivers I need to delete?    I want to make sure it's clean!

Thanks and love the Dakotas!

(Edit...I found some of them in Windows/system32/driverstore/filerepository   but even though I am the administer, it would let me remove!   Help!

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Re: Remove Dakota Drivers in Win 7

Hi wynnsong,

With the Dakota plugged into your Win7 machine did you try going to the Device Manager and select 'uninstall drivers'?


Re: Remove Dakota Drivers in Win 7

Hey CS...    I did that initially but it didn't seem to get rid of everything.   
It went away in Windows but it seemed like there was a ghost of it lurking somewhere because much to my suprise, Kontakt stand alone saw it....

I also just figuered a way to delete the remaining stuff that I found.   My brain clicked on.    Didn't fix my woes but oh well!

Thanks CS