Topic: Alphatrack and Korg Padkontrol in Ableton Live

DanoWorks wrote:

I seem to be running into a problem in Ableton Live with Alphatrack and Padkontrol.
What happens is Alphatrack works fine until I assign Padkontrol to trigger different scenes in Live's Session view. All I do is assign the pad's to trigger scenes using Live's midi assign view. What happens is once I assign them. Any tracks I add to the session afterwards get ignored by Alphatrack. Any suggestions?

CS:Hello Dano,

Live doesn't distinguish devices between MIDI ports even though they display port information, only channels. Check which MIDI channel the Padkontrol is on. If it's on channel 1 then your custom mapping may be interfering with AlphaTrack.

Try reassigning the Korg to another channel and reprogramming your triggers.


DanoWorks wrote:

I will give that a whirl.