Topic: Ableton Live issue

My Alphatrack works fine in Sonar. I'm having trouble with getting it set up properly in Live 8.02. Latest driver 1.3 installed.

The links for pdf's regarding this from Frontier support are not working for me, so here I am!

In my Live preferences I see AlphaTrack listed in the drop down menus for Midi Input and Output, but not for in the Control Surface drop down.  Is there an alternative selection in that menu that will work?

Re: Ableton Live issue

Hi madvek,

It's possible you have an earlier version of the user's guide.

Here's the latest: … k_v1.2.pdf

'Control Surface' should be set to 'Mackie Control'

The AlphaTrack manager's icon should be set to "Live MCU" BEFORE you launch Ableton Live.


Re: Ableton Live issue

Thanks for the help! That did it for me.