Topic: Multiple DAWs

iceritchie wrote:

Im considering the Alphatrack to use with Reason and Logic 8. If i am using both in Rewire mode will the Alphatrack operate each DAW independently or will both DAW's see the inputs simultaneously (for example will both track change request take place in both DAWs at the same time). I would expect and hope control is independent for each DAW in focus. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

CS:Hello icerichie,

Well, sometimes things just don't work the way we would all like. Unfortunately currently neither Logic nor Reason have the ability to gracefully hand off a controller to another program, even when moved to the background. We would certainly take advantage of that if we could, but for now you would have to assign it to one or the other. Currently, in order to accomplish this a device would have to declare itself as 2 separate devices and be toggled between them.



iceritchie wrote:

Thanks Central Scrutinizer, this answers my question. I now have this knowledge before i buy and can therefore prepare a workaround. Thanks again for a prompt response.