Topic: Alphatrack not showing in Nuendo 5

Hi there,

I just received my Nuendo 5 upgrade today and Alphatrack is no longer working on it. It was perfect in N4.3 but it's no longer showing up as a remote device in the list. It only shows up as a midi device.

Any plans for an driver update?

Please help, I love my Alphatrack


Re: Alphatrack not showing in Nuendo 5

Hi mrtomcat,

That actually sounds more like a plug-in that's missing.  Since you upgraded the AlphaTrack/Nuendo plug-in is probably gone so all you should need to do is re-add it by following the instructions here: … v1.0.4.pdf

Although I wouldn't use the plug-in from the AlphaTrack CD since it may be out of date.  So instead you should get the latest plug-in from here:

(just scroll down to the 'plug-in' section to locate the proper plug-in)

If you're still having issues let me know what kind of computer your using and I'll be glad to help.


Re: Alphatrack not showing in Nuendo 5

thanks, I'll try that. Someone else on the Nuendo forum told me the same thing that the upgrade did not take the alphatrack components with it and they need to be manually copied,
I'll try it tomorrow and let you know how it worked.