Topic: Sonar video window control in set list mode with Tranzport

Below is pasted question / questions I posted on the Sonar forum. I am hoping that Frontier designs can shed some light on my dilema. Thanx

I have my set list operating correctly and I am using a TRANZPORT (FRONTIER DESIGNS) for space bar feature (start / stop) although I cant get it to go to the next song without hitting (N) on the laptop.  When the next song cues up the video for the cued song pops up in front of the video of the song that is currently playing. I STRETCHED THE VIDEO THE SAME WAY IN EACH INDIVIDUAL FILE TO FILL UP A SECONDARY SCREEN (PROJECTOR) FOR LIVE VIDEO DISPLAY PER SONG. THIS WORKS BUT IN SET LIST MODE I  AM HAVING ISSUES. How can I have this working where the currently playing songs video is not blocked out by the cued song? I need to press one button on my tranzport to start each song and not have to mess with the laptop. I have everything working this way except the video aspect as mentioned in my question. Thanks

I use the playlist mode with no issues without video. I am now trying to go song to song (playlist mode) and have each songs corresponding video show on my projector. It works fine in song mode and even in playlist mode except the next songs video (cued up) blocks out the songs video that is playing . Song 2's video is not playing, it's just ready to. I have to go click on part of the video for song 1 (the song THAT IS) playing in order to see the songs corresponding video. It should be a simple fix for such an elaborate program like sonar?

The song plays as well as the video then the (working in progress) icon is moving as it is about to cue up the next song then as soon as the next song is cued up that next songs video screen goes in front of the song that is playings video screen but the song I want still plays fine but you just see a video still of the song 2. I could just make each songs stretched video view a tad wider than the one before it and reach over to click the correct window but being a singing guitarist in a 3 piece I have my hands full as it is. I am trigering start and stop via a footswitch connected to my frontier designs tranzport to minimize this. Maybe frontier designs or cakewalk (sonar) has a keyboard shortcut for making the correct screen shot visible? I could then program the tranzport to use that key stroke instead of running to the computer between each song. 
Does anyone know a keyboard keystroke that relates to a mouse click on the video view as this would probably save me from walking over to the computer and clicking on the correct video window for playback in its correct song.?