Topic: Controlling Track Delay in Cubase 5 using Alphatrack

Is it possible to control the track Delay parameter in the Inspector in Cubase using the Alphatrack instead of a mouse? How is this setup with the Alphatrack in Cubase? I cannot find this in the user definable target parameters. For sliding tracks in time (for time aligning DI and mic bass tracks for example) a mouse does not give me the control resolution I want. You either get very fine or very course adjustment. I was thinking this might be easier with the Alphatrack.

Thanks, Peter

Re: Controlling Track Delay in Cubase 5 using Alphatrack

Hi irecord,

Unfortunately we don't have a copy of Cubase here to test it on (all the keys seem to be out of date and our request for another is taking a while).  But from what I remember I don't think you'll be able to control this with the AlphaTrack.  It would be nice, I know, but if I recall this control may not have been part of the SDK so we wouldn't have been able to map it to a control.