Topic: driver not available in DP 7.1

I just upgraded my rig, using a dual quad core mac, osx 10.5.8. 
I loaded the latest drivers and copied the TranzPort bundle into the proper location of the system folder.  The USB interface and remote control units are seeing each other and I have set the tranzport manager in the task bar to native.  I have opened DP 7.1 and the control surface does not show Tranzport as an option (although the HUI and Mackie Control are there).  I do see the driver in my extensions folder.  DP does give me the option to choose Frontier in the midi option.  What have I over-looked?


Re: driver not available in DP 7.1

Doh, it's me, Albedo.  Failed to download DP version 1.05.  Did it and all is well.  Whew.