Topic: Alphatrack - switch motorfader on and off

eventide wrote:


is it possible to switch the fader temporary off?

Thank you,


James Steele wrote:

Hmmm... I just did this:

Press the "Shift" button and look just above the 3rd rotary encoder.  Should say "Motor On"... I'm guessing turning the knob would be the next step. :D

CS:Hello Eventide,

As James mentioned, depending on the program you are using AT with you may be able to turn the fader off.  It is not possible with all programs but if you scan the detailed user guide for your specific application found at, you should find the answer.


James Steele wrote:

Ahhh... sorry 'bout that.  I'm using my with Digital Performer and that's where it appears with that app.  Didn't know it was program-specific! :)

CS:Hey that's cool. Thanks for taking the time to try and help!