Topic: LCD and Fader Do Not Work with Sonar

I have a blank LCD.  The ribbon controller will move the cursor in SONAR and the buttons will start and stop Play and I can rewind and move up and down thru tracks and the Solo, Record and Mute buttons work.  But the fader does not work and there are no LEDs over the Pan, Auto buttons, nor do they work, and the LCD is blank.
I am using SONAR on a Windows Vista i7 Sweetwater computer and I re-downloaded and installed the driver Version 1.3.
What is wrong?  What can I do?

Re: LCD and Fader Do Not Work with Sonar

Hi bstrong,

Before you launch Sonar make sure the AlphaTrack manager is set to 'native' mode. Then when you launch Sonar in 'options/midi devices' (make sure AlphaTrack is highlighted for midi input and output) and then go to 'options/control surfaces' and add a device (AlphaTrack and set its midi input and output to 'AlphaTrack') and see if it helps any.  If in the 'options/control surfaces' window you already have an AlphaTrack configured in the device list, highlight the AlphaTrack and delete it and then re-add it and reconfigure it (input and output set to AlphaTrack) and see if that helps.

I also sent you an email just in case.