Topic: Alphatrack and Adobe Audition 3.0 problems.

I've had the Alphatrack for little over a week now, and have had nothing but problems. I've been using  Adobe Audition since Cool Edit and thats why I finally bought  the AT, since AA3 is/should be natively supported. 

I've reinstalled the drivers, checked the in/out midi, and external controller in Audition. I've installed,uninstalled  and reinstalled the drivers, both the new ones and the old ones, tried all the different usb-inputs,  put the CV2 file in the AA2 install folder, and all the other logical things to do, and the same issue seems to reoccur; after a couple of seconds in AA the AT goes blank, the LEDs go off and it stops responding. Then I have to "reactivate it" by clicking the "preferences" button etc. Then it works again for some seconds, or AA3 crashes. This happens on and off, sometimes it works for a whole session, but normally (90% of times ) it doesnt work. Then magically it starts working again, the day after. Calibrating it doesn't help either.
I've ruled out the grounding issue, and the AT usually work fine in Ableton Live under MCU mode . So this is kinda getting on my nerves, and I'm close to sending my AT back. Could it be related to the "Alphatrack Native" mode, or is it with Adobe?  Please someone? Moderator?

Re: Alphatrack and Adobe Audition 3.0 problems.

FYI: I tried the Alphatrack with Adobe Audition Tryout 3.0 and all works flawless here. So I guess it's system related.
Did you select the "AlphaTrack" in Preferences -> External Controllers after putting the "AlphaTrack.CV2" in the Adobe directory?
I use Alphatrack's driver version in XP SP3

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Thx for the reply. Never found out the issue, so I ended up  reinstalling the os, and after that its been working great.

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I'm not sure if it's the same issue that you were seeing but there was some issue with Audition where it won't recognize a device if you plug the device into a different USB port from the one you had originally installed the device on (if that makes sense).  Audition only recognizes a device (call it 1-AlphaTrack) but if you then unplug the AlphaTrack and plug it into another USB slot (after going through the add hardware wizard) Audition won't recognize it because it's now recognized as 2-AlphaTrack).  I was able to replicate this on a computer and the only fix is either to uninstall the AlphaTrack completely (through the registry as well) or to reboot the OS.

Although I wouldn't get 20 seconds of recognition Audition just wouldn't recognize it from the get go.  Unfortunately you had to reinstall the OS but I'm glad to hear it's working now.