Topic: Got the Alpha track to work with a BCF 2000

enlightenedhand wrote:

Surprisingly to me at least, I found that it's quite possible to get the Alpha Track to control Cubase 4 on a pc running XP sp3 right along with a Behringer BCF 2000.  It's kind of like having a Mackie Control for $400,(200 for the AT and 200 for the BCF).  All of the functions of the Alpha Track and the BCF work just fine.  There are no driver conflicts and no issues at all.  They just work.  So essentially I've got nine faders and all of the functionality of the transport and editing controls of the Alpha Track.

It's little things like this that make me wonder why exactly the Mackie Control cost so much.  It doesn't seem justifiable.  People spending so much money on a device that could easily cost less than half and do just about as much.  If Frontier Design were to create a controller with eight faders and a control section approximate to, (but not less than), the Alpha Track and sell it for say $500 then I don't see the dominance of the Mackie Control continuing at the price that it currently sells for.

CS:Thanks for the feedback EH. Yes, they should play together nicely and hopefully provide you with a very productive setup.