Topic: TranZport cannot bind: OS 10.2.8 og g4 Cube

I bought a g4 Cube and Tranzport specifically because it supports
navigation of the iTunes server -- remotely. According to marketing
blurbs all over the internet.

then i figured out transport is discontinued. gawk.

Loaded the driver <version 1.0 of Mac driver from the CD>. While the transport manager installs, the icon doesn't show up on the menubar.

I've verifed that I have BSD installed in OS 10.2.8: ftp, ssh and telnet all work.

Pressing the link button on the USB fob does nothing, although it does blink three times at boot.

I pulled the TranZport and USB xmtr, and installed the windows version on a MacPro running XP2. While I still cannot get iTunes to report anything to the interface, I AM able to get the TranzPort to bind to the USB: both link lights turn green. If I start iTunes 9, nothing reports on the tranzport. So the hardware iis working.

Which isn't a solution, really: I want this to work on the g4 CUBE, which is running iTunes 6 -- the last version supported on that hardware. Hence, 10.2.8. And transport 1.0,  which is the supported version at the time iTunes6 was current.

Nothing other than 10.2.8 software exists on this machine, as I wiped it clean for install.

I tried to download other versions of the driver .. 1.3.0 redirects to the AlphaTrack sales page ...

<which is annoying, by the way. someone please explain this to marketing. it will NOT promote the new product. In fact, it will do just the reverse.>

... as does V1.0 link. I didn't really expect 1.3.0 to run on 10.2.8, anyway.

What else can I do to get the link to bind? Are they log files that I can review to get some inside scoop?

Is there a configuration file that is/was needed for iTunes? Can't find any, unlike MIDI controller apps.


Re: TranZport cannot bind: OS 10.2.8 og g4 Cube

Hi franklynb,

The problem here is that the earliest TranzPort drivers still only support mac OS 10.3.9 and later.  Unfortunately we don't have drivers for the TranzPort that support earlier versions of mac OS.