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Just got the Alphatrack after my Presonus Faderport died after just 18 months of use - Presonus only give 1 year warranty in the UK as opposed to 2 years in USA and I was told it would cost more to repair than buying a new one. So I have switched to Frontier - how easy to setup and getting working in my ProTools 7.4 rig straight away, even updating the drivers was a doddle. The other big plus is not having to have a separate power supply so I can easily move the Alphatrack between my ProTools XP setup and my Apple Logic iMac.
Have to say so far I'm more than pleased with the ease of use and the logical way everything is set out - I just hope it will last longer than 18 months, but I certainly wasn't going to stay with Presonus - their attitude was awful.

CS:Hi Leviset,

welcome to Frontier Design, and we certainly hope you have a long and happy experience with your new AlphaTrack.

You may have already done this, but with your Logic system, be sure to download and install the latest Logic control surface plug-in (v1.1) from our downloads page at The version that ships pre-installed in Logic 8 has 'issues'. There are instructions on how to replace that file in the Logic Guide.pdf  available further down on the same page.



Otherwise feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.