Topic: Troubleshooting Tranzport on a MACBOOK PRO

3 emails to Frontier/one phone message = NO RESPONSE.  running MAC OS 10.5.8 (Leopard, NOT Snow Leopard) on a MacBook Pro. Tranzport was working w/ Protools...then phhhtttt.  no icon in status bar/no recognition of the USB receiver unit/no recognition by Tranzport Manager/no binding. downloaded the 1.4.2 upgrade & installed = no fix.  checked folders, and 'installation' does not put the pieces where they are supposed to be.  tried doing this manually = no fix.  could not be any deader in the water...and i need this unit to WORK.  since Frontier's product support is non-responsive, if anyone out there can help me get this damn thing running, much APPRECIATED..



UPDATE: Digidesign is no help, since they don't fix Frontier's problems.  i did go to AMS, and the icon for Tranzport is there, but it is grayed-out/dimmed = Mac or USB port is not seeing the receiver...which is plugged in.  why?...the 'new' driver has not loaded?/not where it's supposed to be?

UPDATE2:  the problem does seem to originate with AMS not seeing the receiver.  so what is the problem between Apple (and MAC OS 10.5.8) & Frontier's driver/software. again - any advice will be appreciated.

UPDATE3:  STILL no response from Frontier.

UPDATE4:  Mike from Frontier did send me an email, tho his advice was not anything other than what's on this site.  i did reply with another plea for assistance, but as of today, i have not heard from him.  also n/b:  60 views of this post, and not a single reply????  am i the only one with this problem?

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Re: Troubleshooting Tranzport on a MACBOOK PRO

Hi cbspudboy1,

If the USB transceiver just quit working I suppose it's possible that there's some hardware failure with the USB transceiver.  If you go to plug in the USB transceiver and it doesn't at least flash then it's certainly somehow broken.  It should at least flash about 3 times quickly.  If you can confirm this then I'd try support again and explain this test that you performed.  It may be possible to get it repaired.