Topic: Custom Fader/Setup In DAW


I'm using Nuendo 3 and currently have a BCF2000 which I use for my main mixing. This works great but what I wanted was a seperate controller JUST for the input record section so I could easily control the transport playback/record controls and adjust the incomming signal for recording on the fly (something the BCF in mixer mode doesn't do - only setup for playback channels not input channels).

Now I only setup the AT and had a play for 10 minutes as I didn't have time. It setup great, easy and had feedback and LCD working with the included plugin but it immediatly went to controlling the playback mixer

Now I thought that I would be able to just go into the device remote manager and change the assignment of the fader but then I see that there is no option there to select how the fader should behave. I also see that there are a number of controls I cannot change.

So I thought I would try and setup a generic remote device but found that in one of the other "non AT modes" the fader was not being detected by Nuendo when learning (only the touch sensor).

So I am hoping that what I want to do can be done or I have an expensive play and stop button as all mixer controls are handled by the BCF2000.

Any help?

Re: Custom Fader/Setup In DAW

Solved: It is possible by pressing the SHIFT key and then using the encoders. When powered up in ALL CHANNELS mode, it will not access the input channels until you change it from ALL to INPUT. after that if you change back to ALL it can control the input gains.