Topic: Alphatrack not jumping to correct track in Logic 9.1

I'm not sure if this is an issue in earlier versions of Logic. It seems that lately that when I select a track on the arrange page that Alphatrack doesn't completely sync with said track. On the readout of the unit it has the first track's name always but I can control for example track 5 if selected, volume only. If I mute or solo track 5 I actually can't and end up soloing track 1 (but I can adjust track 5's volume). But, if I use the track selection buttons on Alphatrack I can get to track 5 and then preform all functions. Weird. I've gone into Logic's control surface setup and deleted and reset Alphatrack there and have made sure Logic is selected in the Alphatrack control panel that runs in the background. Are there any preferences I should trash to maybe clear this up? I had a worse issue this week that I fixed by reconfiguring control surfaces within Logic but now I have this new behavior that's not quite right. Oh yeah, I'm running in 32 bit mode.

Re: Alphatrack not jumping to correct track in Logic 9.1

Update: I got it working correctly. Not sure if it was because I deleted my logic prefs and reinstalled the alphatrack extension, or if it's because I had a setting wrong in Logic that related to control surfaces. Regardless, it does follow my track selection correctly now. Also, since I'm in 64 bit mode more I can still use certain functions of the transport control and my record punch button so I'm happy about that. Just can't do any mixing.