Topic: My new IMAC doesn't recognized my tranzport....

Str8 fire29 wrote:

So I purchased a new IMAC, it doesn't seem to notice my Trazport. I've installed the program and everything.

Another problem I've noticed is that my Tranzport isn't even turning on. I've got new battery's in it and everything. Regardless if my computer recognizes my tranzport it should still turn on right?

CS:Hello Str8,

If you have installed drivers from the CD that came with your TranzPort then they may not be Intel compatible. Try the following:

* Disconnect the TranzPort USB interface and run the 'Remover' from the same CD.
* Go to and install the latest Mac driver. You should also check the Plug-Ins and Documentation list for any updates regarding the recording application/s you are using.
* After running the new installer reconnect the USB interface and you should be good.
* Once this is done the green 'Link' LED should light up if the Computer is booted and the TranzPort is awake. If not then you may need to rebind the TranzPort to the interface the first time as described in the User Guide (Shift+Battery and press button on interface).

Note - If you are using Mac OS10.5.2 you should update that to 10.5.3 as the previous OS has known USB port recognition bugs.

Until the correct drivers are installed and the USB interface is recognized by the computer, the TranzPort will really only display battery level and toggle the Backlight on/off.  So it sounds like all is normal.

Let us know if you have any further difficulty.