Topic: To Cent. Scrut., can you provide Win 7 drivers for Tascam FW-1884

I'm very sorry to post this here, but Tascam has made us desperate. 

Frontier Design has helped owners of the Tascam FW-1884 in the past, when SONAR 6 'broke' the driver.  Frontier had the fix within weeks.  Tascam released it to a few users as a beta but never posted the driver officially.  That was three years ago. 

Tascam announced in November the FW-1884 and FW-1802, among others, will not have Windows 7 drivers.  Some of us are able to make it work using Vista drivers, but with blue screens of death upon exiting and a few other minor annoyances.

Would Frontier be able to help us out please?

Again, I apologize for posting in the AlphaTrack forum.  I DO own and love my AlphaTrack, and my Tranzport, too.

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Lots of reads, no reply.


There is good news today for Mac owners of the FW-1884.  On the Tascam British and German (not USA) sites, there is a new driver for OS 10.6.

That would indicate that Tascam is still supporting this unit, so Windows 7 users have a glimmer of hope.

For anyone who does not know, the software for the FW-1884 is made by Frontier Design, hence my posts here.  Also, although it looks like I'm a new poster, I had to re-register when I could not find my login info after a long absence.  I am the one who posted the undocumented Replay function for the Tranzport in Band-in-a-Box.

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Hi riojazz,

We've worked on the updated drivers for Windows 7 so as far as getting a release date you should contact Tascam customer support.


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This is great news. 

Thank you so much.

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FYI, yesterday the Tascam UK Facebook site announced Windows 7 drivers (1.80) for the FW- series will be available next week.

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Re: To Cent. Scrut., can you provide Win 7 drivers for Tascam FW-1884

The new 1.80 driver is now available on the USA Tascam site!

Thank you, Frontier Design.

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We have one last question, which we have been unable to clear up on the Tascam Users Forum. 

If someone has an FW-1884, and SONAR 6 or newer, 64-bit version, and 64-bit Windows 7, will the SONAR installer 1.0 from the Tascam website work?  Or is this file a 64-bit version of the 1.21 SONAR Control Surface driver, which will NOT work on SONAR 6 or newer?  Do we need a 64-bit version of the 1.22 beta driver?

Thank you.

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I'm going to apologize ahead of time for the length of this post, as brevity was never my strongpoint anyway, but I think it's important for people to understand the situation I and several others are in.

I am among several professionals working, in various capacities, within the audio production field who are blind. Due to this, our options regarding hardware and software are extremely limited:

-Macs are, currently a no-go. Voiceover has made many strides in recent years that make them mostly useable for many kinds of work, however at the present time audio is not one of them. I'm told that logic has some basic support and that support for ProTools is coming, however--not trying to start an argument for anyone else who might read this--they've been saying that for the past 3 or possibly 4 years now and there's still nothing, so that holds very little weight with me, personally. When that changes I will be a happy bunny. Until then, we must look elsewhere.

-old versions of SoundForge have a decent amount of accessibility, but the new versions are broken and there doesn't seem to be any interest in fixing them.
-The situation is similarly bleak for ProTools on windows (not that you'd really want to use that anyway), Reason, Audition--pretty much the only major DAW that has a high degree of access with screen readers is Sonar, and that's only after years and years of close partnerships between CakeWalk and blind people who use their products. They've been very receptive and are open to making accessibility fixes in free updates when it's convenient. We like CakeWalk. They be good people.

The situation on hardware isn't quite as limiting, however it's still pretty bad because many popular vendors such as M-Audio, EMU, RME, Alesis, etc--use control panel applications that are highly graphical in nature and, thus, inaccessible to screenreaders--and they may not be essential for controlling lower-end interfaces, but when you're dealing with multiple channels and routing, clock-sync, etc--well, I don't need to tell you how necessary they are.

The FW1884, however, has a very simple control panel which is perfectly accessible to screenreaders. That combined with its features and pricepoint (no other product on the market that I know of combines 8 XLR/TRS with inserts, 4 MIDI I/O, ADAT Lightpipe and S/PDIF, while also being a fully-featured control surface with dedicated faders, knobs, mute/solo/select buttons, an EQ section, send controls, and so on that doesn't cost considerably more than a grand) make it very attractive for those of us who already have a large chunk of this not-terribly-wide-open market closed off to us.

Your 1.80 drivers seem to be working very well for Windows 7 users as well as eliminating problems with other 64-bit OSes. Thank you very much. Though they look like the last ones, it's great news that we can now use the device in modern configurations without having to worry about stop errors that corrupt system memory and potentially cause catastrophic data loss.

The Sonar 1.22 beta drivers appear to be working perfectly fine in Sonar, as well--according to Tascam there is a grand total of 1 bug but I don't know what it is, and though they seem to be totally clueless about putting the driver up on their website, at least it exists and people can find it.

However, the only surface driver for 64-bit versions of Sonar anyone can find is based off of the 1.2.1 driver that stopped working in Sonar6 and has not, unfortunately, magically fixed itself in the several years since it was posted.

All that to say this:

I'm aware Tascam, for whatever reason, is sick of this product and would really like it to go away. I'm also aware that you all have your own products that you need to devote time working on and that it's a low priority to fix problems with other peoples' hardware running with other peoples' software.

However, the fix for this, unless I'm missing something, is really, really easy--just recompile the 1.2.2 beta that's already been coded to run in the 64-bit environment, and then post it, unofficially. You don't have to support it. You don't have to develop it further. (although that would be, of course, extremely appreciated). Just this one simple 15-minute thing would help all of us immensely and allow us all to, finally, use this good product with 64-bit screenreaders in a 64-bit OS on a 64-bit processor using 64-bit Sonar, 64-bit plugins and 64-bit scripts. Even if it doesn't work perfectly, it's still a vast improvement on the situation that exists currently and, if past experience is any indicator, seems unlikely to change for years if ever.

However, if you don't, then we will all be confined to 32-bit Sonar until the constraints become too much (those who extensively use large sample libraries such as Ivory or Superior Drummer have likely already passed this point, due to the RAM limmitations) and we'll all be forced to dump the product completely. Many have already, due to the various bugs that the previous drivers contained and the sluggishness displayed by Tascam in pushing the fixes out to their customers.

I'm not trying to be confrontational, or needlessly negative--again, I like the interface. A lot of people do. And I would like to keep using it for years to come, without being plagued by issues that should have, in fact were, solved 4 years ago. To be forced to abandon this solution and spend valuable time and expense searching for another that will meet our needs is not what anyone wants to do.

Thank you for baring with me and I hope you give this admittedly uncommon issue some consideration.


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Drew, apparently a 1.22 SONAR Control Surface driver exists for 64-bit Windows 7.  It is in beta testing.

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Like the 1.22 32-bit surface driver is in beta testing?

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The 32-bit SONAR Control Surface 1.22 beta driver was never posted on the Tascam website.  However, it is openly circulated by a few users.   It's been over three years that way.

I hope the 64-bit version of the 1.22 beta driver will find its way into circulation as well.  I'll take it, even if it's unofficial.

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Drew, send me a private Forum E-mail.  I have good news.