Topic: Tranzport crashes w/ iTunes 9 under Vista

I'm using Tranzport within Vista Ultimate SP2 with iTunes 9. I have the latest driver version 1.5.0 installed.

When I remotely launch iTunes my Tranzport displays "Launching iTunes..." and then freeezes while iTunes launches correctly. After a few seconds Tranzport crashes and is giving me the (german) Vista message "Tranzport Tray Application funktioniert nicht mehr" (which is something like " not functioning anymore").

The only way I found out that make Tranzport work with iTunes is to change it's mode e.g. into Cubase and then back to iTunes. After that everything works well, but launching iTunes remotely doesn't work either.

This bug has been described to happen under WinXP SP3 some months ago in this forum. Obviously the OS is not the problem.

Anybody has an idea of how to fix that bug?
Anyone out there having the same problem?


Re: Tranzport crashes w/ iTunes 9 under Vista

Hi k24281,

Unfortunately there are issues and instabilities with external controllers and iTunes on versions of iTunes later than 8.  Some things may work and some things may not, I've also seen crashes and problems with the TranzPort applet closing when I've unplugged the transceiver.

So far no fix.