Topic: Device options with Cubase

I recently installed the 1.0.7 plugin (the file properties show 1.0.5??) for Cubase 5. In the Device Setup panel, there are 3 options that I haven't seen explained in any of the pdf docs - Smart Switch Delay, Enable Auto Select, and Enable Catch Mode.

Does anyone have any info on these options?

Re: Device options with Cubase

Hi flamebass,

These options don't really apply to the AlphaTrack and I think that's why it was left out of documentation.  These options are covered in the Cubase manual.  Here's what I found:

"Enable Auto Select option is where the appropriate channel or track becomes automatically selected when you touch a fader on the control surface."  I think this is most useful on multi-fader devices and isn't necessary for the AlphaTrack.

"Smart Switch Delay"-"Some of the Cubase functions (e.g. Solo and Mute) support the so called “smart switch” behavior: In addition to regular activation/deactivation of a function by clicking a
button, you can also activate the function for as long as the button is pressed. Upon releasing the mouse button, the function is deactivated. This pop-up menu allows you to specify how long a button must be pressed before it goes into “smart switch” mode. When “Off” is selected, the “smart switch” function is deactivated in Cubase." I haven't tried this so I wouldn't know if it works with or applies to AlphaTrack button presses.

"Catch mode"-When catch mode is enabled the sliders and pots on will have no effect until the value of the pot/slider is the same as the value of the parameter it is controlling. When catch mode is disabled the value of the parameter in Cubase will 'jump' to the value of the pot/slider"  This seems to only be useful on devices without motorized faders and continuous pots.  The AlphaTrack has motorized faders and continuous encoders knobs so this doesn't really apply to the AlphaTrack either.

Hope this helps...