Topic: AlphaTrack Mk II ...... sugestions to make it perfect !


Been using my AlphaTrack for the last week or so and huge congratulations to FD for designing and making such a brilliant and user friendly unit - its astounding how easy it is to use.

It is  soooooo  close  to being the perfect DAW / Plugin  single-track controller.

With this spirit in mind, I would like to suggest the following to make it even better.

I imagine you are already well down the road for the design and release of an AlphaTrack  Mk II.

However, in case its not too late, I would like to submit some suggestions for the "next generation unit"  whilst hoping to maintain the integrity of the overall design concept.

In short

- silent-click  "soft-ish" rubberized buttons

- clear/ white-opaque colored buttons that light up when pressed

- two rows of  4 programmable buttons - 8 actual physical buttons to program - ie:  F1 - F8  and still maintaining the "Shift" key option so in total you have 16 user programmes but so that 8 can be accessed without having to hit the "shift" key

- re-name the PAN button to TRACK

- in TRACK mode, add a  Midi Velocity option - you have the "trim" for audio tracks but no "velocity" for midi tracks

- there are a lot of Sonar ACT assignable options missing from the Alphatrack list of F-key assignable options  [ maybe this could be fixed soon-ish ?  ]

- at least one more endless rotary encoder - but  *ideally*  8  rotary encoders

- doubling the height and read-out capability of the LCD to accommodate the extra functions

- move the "shift" button onto the main area close to the " F "  buttons so it is ergonomically much better to use - its too far away now

- with the "shift" moved, add 4 dedicated buttons for  " input monitoring " / " auto-read " / " auto-write "   and a   " plugin-open-close " button that when pressed automatically opens the rotary button "plugin" settings.

- the addition of a  "settings speed dial "  ie:  an endless rotary pot or knob that works in conjunction with the mouse cursor  like this - you move the mouse cursor over any DAW or plugin settings you want to change or control, and by turning the " settings speed dial" you move the setting up or down  and then click once on the mouse to lock the setting in

Hope the above is of some help.

I do realise the above could increase the cost of the unit although at the same time, the cost of electronics etc... has gone through the floor since the A/T was first released.

As it currently is, I think the A/T is  about  "  %90 " the perfect / classic  single-track and plugin controller.

I would reckon changes like those above - and no doubt what is already in the pipeline - would make the A/T a virtual must have for anyone using a DAW and doing most of their work in-the-box.

All the best,

Re: AlphaTrack Mk II ...... sugestions to make it perfect !

     Excellent suggestions.  I'd be happy if they just updated the thing so that all the knobs work with my plugins in Pro Tools 8.

But we've been waiting, and waiting....and......?

Re: AlphaTrack Mk II ...... sugestions to make it perfect !

I just want the EQ button to work in Pro Tools 8! Is this ever going to happen? Using the plug in method of accessing these functions is way too slow.

Other than that I think the unit is fantastic & has significantly sped up my automation workflow.