Topic: Tranzport/ Tascam DM3200/Logic 8

My DM3200 is interfaced with the computer via firewire. Can the tranzport control the DM3200 (which in turn controls Logic)? The DM has a USB port BUT it has to be connected to the computer for the DM to control the software. The DM communicates with the DAW software with the  Mackie Control protocol.

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Re: Tranzport/ Tascam DM3200/Logic 8

Hello Johny,

In this case the TranzPort can't communicate 'directly' with the DM3200. The TranzPort works much like the DM3200 in that it talks thru the DAW you are using via its USB connection. However I think it will still do what you are looking for. That is, if both devices are controlling Logic, any change you make with one will be reflected in the other. Ie, if you solo a track with TranzPort, that same solo should appear on your DM3200.  If you press PLAY on the DM you can press STOP on the TranzPort, etc. Both devices should play noce together.


Re: Tranzport/ Tascam DM3200/Logic 8

I guess that's what I meant anyway. Thanks for the reply.