Topic: Notes get triggered and fader acts like a pitch bend wheel


I am a registered user of cubase 4 on windows XP SP2 and i recently got myself an alphatrack.I have installed the driver that came along with the piece.I have also installed the software for cubase-alphatrack mapping.  I use a Motif XS 6 to trigger my vsts.

The Problem:
     The hardware works fine with the Audio tracks,but with midi tracks it triggers the notes of the VSt instrument used when i touch any control on the alphatrack. And when i scroll through track 1 to any other track it transposes some tracks(midi) by 2 semitones and i have to go back to the track which has been affected and slide my finger on the ribbon of the alphatrack to get it back to normal. When i am working on the volume automation using the fader, the notes get bent as if the fader was a Pitch bend control. But the playback is fine after the automation.

I tried the midi thru switch in Cubase it worked fine but my Motif stopped triggering all vsts including the motif sound module itself.

I'm sure this is not a complicated issue as most trigger keyboards which have transport controls have this problem.

Is there any switch which puts the note trigger OFF so as to control the other parameters of the track?


Re: Notes get triggered and fader acts like a pitch bend wheel

Hi soloshad,

Make sure that the AlphaTrack is NOT enabled for "All Midi". In 'Device Setup' you should NOT have "All MIDI" checked for your AlphaTrack under MIDI setup.

Also, you shouldn't have AlphaTrack selected directly in your MIDI track either.