Topic: OS X Alphatrack Install v1.3 download doesn't install

After following the install instructions contained with the hardware I have downloaded the latest Alphatrack Macintosh Installer v1.3 from the sites Support/Download site i.e. …

and expanded it to the desktop on a Mac dual G5 Mac OS X 10.4.11.

On expansion and use the Alphatrack Remover package performs as intended but the Alphatrack Installer does not install any Alphatrack files in the intended Mac locations.  There is no Alphatrack icon displayed in the Status bar and the files are nowhere to be found in the intended System, Library and Application directories.  In consequence the Alphatrack hardware is not recognised when connected by USB.

The Alphatrack Install package only has a 28KB size which appears suspect and on closer inspection five Alphatrack packages other than the Installer and Remover are contained (hidden) within the expanded Alphatrack Installer package.   These five packages relate to the Assistants, Driver, Icon, Manager and MIDI files that need to be extracted and stored in the relevant locations in the OS. These 5 files appear not to be expanded to their intended file locations when the Alphatrack Installer is activated.

Restoring Alphatrack software v1.1 from the CD restores functionality of the Alphatrack hardware.

Any advice, tips or directions to resolve these issues would be appreciated with this latest v1.3 OS X driver software.

Re: OS X Alphatrack Install v1.3 download doesn't install

Solved it... the install procedure is successful if logging into my Mac as root user.   File permissions are obvious targets that I had overlooked when downloading as user.    Maybe a cautionary note to future Mac users may be useful.

My lesson... don't be too impetus and excited by a new toy, think before activating digits on the keyboard.

Re: OS X Alphatrack Install v1.3 download doesn't install

Thanks for the follow-up Tony.