Topic: Logic 8, Tranzport operate like a keyboard

PAAL wrote:

I have just bought Transport to my new macbook pro and logic 8 and looked forward to use it. I installed it as described. First with the enclosed driver, then I upgraded from internet ond placed the Tranzport.bundle where it should be. I have used both described methods.
When I open Logic, Transport make different sounds and I can play with it. I have tried to reset midi devices, I have been in Preferences/Control Surfaces/Setup, but nothing happens.
What could be wrong? Hope somebody can help. By the way, Tranzport functions ok in Itunes.

CS:OK, if it is working with iTunes and you have a green link LED then I have to believe the basic drivers are installed and working properly. If you aren't seeing an icon for the TranzPort in the Logic Control Surface setup window then that would suggest the Plug-In file is either an old version, or it isn't located in the correct place.
If you created a new MIDI Device Plug-Ins folder in your Library folder then I would recommend deleting it entirely. Logic 8 should already contain the correct plug-in inside the application itself.

Close Logic
Right-click on the Logic app icon in your Application folder and select "Show package contents" form the list that appears.
Open 'Contents' and then 'MIDI Device Plug-Ins'.
If there isn't already a copy of the TranzPort.bundle there then download and copy the latest version into that folder.
Restart your computer and give it another try.

Let us know how it works our.


PAAL wrote:

Jippi... it's working. One way ore another there was a second Midi devices Plug-Ins folder. When I deleted that folder too and restarted, everything worked fine. Thank you very much for all help and support.