Topic: Tranzport and track grouping in Ableton Live 8


Could anyone confirm if track and scene navigation with Tranzport remains okay after the first track grouping in the project?

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Re: Tranzport and track grouping in Ableton Live 8

Hi critter,

After using the TranzPort in Live8 I found that there are some Ableton grouped track issues that resemble your description.  If I create tracks in Live and don't group them then all the track navigation is ok and all the track names appear on the TranzPort properly.

However, when I implement the grouped tracks there is some  confusion between Live and the TranzPort as to which track is  currently being used.  It seems like once a track is grouped it kind of separates the track sync between Live and a controller.  The version of Live that we first supported didn't have grouped tracks and I'm not sure which version the grouped tracks started in but it's certainly not liking grouped tracks.