Topic: BSOD when shutting down windows 7

installed drivers for alphatrack in win7 as explained earlier on this forum.
everything works fine except that every time i try to shut down windows 7, it goes BSOD on me....

- Anyone else has the same problem??

- Anyone who has a solution??

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Same over here i have to admit. Shame on me i didn't checked compatibility more carefully.(went back to vista x64). So driver still needs an update.

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Unfortunately the only quick fix is to unplug the device prior to shutting down your computer. It is not that we have turned a blind
eye to the issue. If it were a simple driver tweak we would certainly have done it long ago. Unfortunately the solution appears more complicated than that. This also happens on some Vista computers but is not consistent with all machines. Some, like an XPC machine in my office, do not exhibit the problem at all.


Re: BSOD when shutting down windows 7

I get a BSOD in Windows XP after I put my DAW into Standby mode (to save power) and bring it back up.

For some reason the AlphaTrackApplet tray icon freezes (does not respond to the mouse). If I try to "End Process" for the applet in Task Manager I get a BSOD.

So I tried ending the AlphaTrackApplet process BEFORE putting the system into Standby mode. That seems to work fine - everything comes back up and works in SONAR.

If you don't use the Protools (HUI) or Live (MCU) applet options, maybe you can get away with not loading it at all (simple Registry edit).

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Re: BSOD when shutting down windows 7

Just bought the Alphatrack last week. Get the BSOD also on Windows 7 x64, which is rather disappointing.

DF: Will it helpyou if I provide your with the memory dump file? Being just an prdinary human I am prune not to remember to pull out the Alphatrack before locking off og shutting down. Also, will it survive standby - user initated or automatic?


Re: BSOD when shutting down windows 7

Workaround here:

Re: BSOD when shutting down windows 7

A fix has been released. Please see this post