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Hi guys,

I'm wondering if you've encountered this problem before, the fader on my Alphatrack is simply not working.

I use Adobe Audition 3.0 - normally, when I boot up the fader activates and moves up.....right now, it's not doing anything at all, nor functions when I'm doing a mix in AA.

I've re-installed the drivers and the AA plug-in to no avail.

Could it be possible that this unit is defective, or am I missing something really obvious here...?



Re: AlphaTrack Fader not working

i have had the same problem. it seems in my case to be adobes fault for not recognizing midi the way other daws do. Ive talked to tech and downloaded midi-ox, a program which lets u see how windows sees your midi ports .. in my case it used to work perfect now it still does with other daws but wont even respond to adobe audition. and the only way is to reinstall my os? i dont have my os disc so im into looking for a new transport right now, maybe roland r16

Re: AlphaTrack Fader not working

This looks horribly familiar.  I'm running Audition 3.0 on Windows 7. I installed the AlphaTrack drivers and Audition plug-in with no problem, and the first time I started Audition, it worked just fine. The next time, Auditon said it needed reactivating, so I reactivated it. Now the AlphaTrack is dead as a brick. The fader moves to the bottom and stays there. You move it up, it goes back. Reinstalling the drivers and plugin has no effect. I've also checked that the AT is in Native mode and have recalibrated it. Please Frontier, do you have any ideas?

Re: AlphaTrack Fader not working


Yes, this has to do with how audition recognizes your AlphaTrack.  When you install the AlphaTrack for the first time in a particular USB port it I forget exactly but it recognizes it as let's say AlphaTrack-1.  It will work in this state until you go to plug in your AlphaTrack into a different USB port.  This will then show up in Audition as appearing to be AlphaTrack-2.  If you do this 3 other times in three other ports the number will increase.  The thing is, Audition only recognizes AlphaTrack-1, so I'd either find the original USB port that you plugged into or I think you'll have to either uninstall the AlphaTrack by following the AlphaTrack user's guide from our site (involves the registry) or reinstalling your OS.

I think I remember going through this with djak24k and we were having trouble with the registry so the next best thing was re-installing the OS.

Hope this clears things up.