Topic: Need 64 bit dll for Sonar 8

I installed AlphaTrack on my HP Dragon Laptop with Sonar 8. I am running Ultimate 64 and NO _64.dll was placed in the shared folder for control surfaces. A dll without a 32 or 64 was placed in the folder.

Please post a link for the 64 (not the 32 like on the download page) The Fader is ALWAYS at the TOP of the unit. I calibrated it and no change. It clicks alot as wll when just sitting there

Re: Need 64 bit dll for Sonar 8

Hi WhiteRhino,

When you run the AlphaTrack installer and check the box for the Sonar plug-in the installer looks at your OS and knows that it's 64 bit and will place a 64-Bit plug-in into the Shared Surfaces folder however, the dll isn't called AlphaTrack64.dll.  Regardless if you install from a 32-Bit operating system or a 64-Bit operating system the file will still be called AlphaTrack.dll.  So I'm going to assume that you have the correct dll. 

The problem that you described sounds more to me like a hardware problem not a dll problem.  I would either return the AlphaTrack for a replacement or send it here to get it repaired.  You can email us at to get more information about repairs.