Topic: cubase5: can´t select midi in and outputs of the AT


at first excuse my bad english, i hope you understand it.

i have a problem with cubase and the AT.

the tribers are all installt, the plug in is in the component folder, windows (XP prof. SP3) detect the AT and i can add the AT in the divice manager.
but i don´t have the AT in the dropdown list of themidi in and outputs.

at my 2nd system it works without any problems. i can´t find the issue.

thanke you for helping me, and sorry for the poor english :-)


Re: cubase5: can´t select midi in and outputs of the AT

Hi TheDimon,

If you don't see the AlphaTrack in the dropdown list I think this usually means that it can't find the plug-in.  What version plug-in do you have and can you double check to make sure that it's in the cubase components folder.  If you have multiple versions of cubase make sure that you have the correct version's components folder.

Another thing to do is to try the AlphaTrack in a program like midi-ox.  If you go to( ) and download midi-ox we'll be able to learn a little more about how your computer is seeing your AlphaTrack. Once you download midi-ox and run it, go to the 'Options/MIDI Device' menu and see if AlphaTrack shows up for both Input and Output. Then press each button and move the controls and see what kind of information you get in midi-ox. Each button should give you a single 'note on' and a 'note off' when you release the button. The knobs should be similar to that.

If midi-ox won't recognize your AlphaTrack then there may be other issues here.