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Got a Tranzport recently and tryed to make it work with Soundscape using the HUI mode.
Everything works correctly except from the Jog wheel which add a marker insted of moving the playback locator.
The software works well with a real HUI, do you have any idea about why the Tranzport's jog wheel doesn't make the same action as the HUI here?
Is it something that can be corrected? I'm using v 1.4.4 and am wondering if an earlier version can correct this issue.
Thanks for support!

Re: HUI Mode

Hello .....Stud,

The HUI spec is a big set of codes that allows access to every button, knob, LED, and display on an actual HUI surface. Each application/device then picks and chooses how they want to use those codes. So while some general functions, like basic transport controls, may be the same, no 2 apps will use it in exactly the same way.

TranzPort's HUI mode is tuned for ProTools because that is the only control format that Digidesign allows 3rd party manufacturers to use.  Not ideal, but at least it s something. The wheel on TranzPort is coded to match which ever control on a HUI that moves the timeline in PT. I'm guessing that Soundscape uses that same physical control on a real HUI for controlling markers.

The TranzPort has a number of ways to alter what the wheel does in PT. Give the TranzPort and ProTools user guide a scan to see if any of them help.


Re: HUI Mode

Hi, thanks for your reply. I've tryed the different wheel modes and they're all fine except from the normal one (unfortunately).
I've tryed version 1.2.1 as v1.3 seem to contain on updated HUI mode, same it doesn't work.

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

The wheel on TranzPort is coded to match which ever control on a HUI that moves the timeline in PT.

As my HUI wheel works very well with Soundscape, I'm guessing that the HUI mode on Tranzport is as you mentioned optimized for PT, and then might not use the same code for moving timeline than a real HUI.
Which is really a pity for non supported app users, like me :(
Hope that Sydec will include support for the Tranzport OR that Frontier design will devellop a true HUI or Mackie Control emulation in a future release.

In all case, thanks for your answers.