Topic: Alphatrack with Sonar 8

michaelschack wrote:

Does anyone use Alphatrack in combination with Sonar 8.
Apparently the latest driver version gives problems - Alphatrack not recognised and compatibility issues. Please assist if anyone of you has same experience. Thank you !

CS:Hello Michael,

We are not aware of any problems with Sonar 8,  but if a user jumps in with a reproducible issue we'll be glad to look at it.

noonie wrote:

I'm having prolblems with Sonar8 also.

When project is first opened, the LCD displays the current track info....but that's it. Nothing else respons. No buttons work. Fader/encoders don't work. Touch sensitive functionality doesn't respond.

I've tried uninstall/reinstall several time, with no luck.

I'm using the 1.2 AT drivers. Sonar is patched to 8.0.2.

Sonar 7 is still installed on the comp and the AT still works fine in that.

For the hell of it, I uninstalled AutoMap since I had once had an issue with initial 2.0 release of that. Same results.

I'm out of ideas

CS:Hello Noonie,

If you select another track with the mouse does the display reflect the new track? Does the fader follow any pre-existing automation? If so then it sounds like the MIDI Input Output settings on Sonar's Control Surface Setup window may have changed. Sonar tends to do this if you accidentally launch it when all of your MIDI devices aren't connected or turned on.

Go back to the Control Surface panel and check them out. You might even delete the AlphaTrack entry completely and then add it back in again.

Also, make sure your AT is set for 'Native' mode in the task bar control

Jazzrat wrote:

I am also having issues with AT and Sonar 8 Studio.  I had no issues using AT and Sonar Home Studio 6.

Sonar 8 seems to recognize somethig e.g., if I press a button on the AT VU meters in Sonar jump around but that's it. The AT LCD is on but displays no information.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am too addicted to AT to go without it.

Jazzrat wrote:

OK - I finally got it to work.  I deleted the AT from the contollers/surfaces dialog window.  This time when I reinstated it, I got the pull down menu where I could select the AT (was this really here before and I missed it?).  At any rate it is working fine now.

noonie wrote:

Yep, I had to do the same, delete from the control surface window.

Working fine now.

Thanks CS!